A Little About Me…

Hello! I am so excited that you have stopped by my site to view my work. If you plan to fill out the contact form know that I am going to email back shortly and probably ask if you would like to talk on the phone. I love connecting with people, getting to know them and what they need for their special event is a big part of why I love photography.

I specialize in portraits, especially wedding portraiture. I’ve got a thing for romance that’s for sure! My style would definitely be photojournalistic, if you see me pointing the camera at you it doesn’t mean I want you to look at me, I want you to ignore me, carry on as if I’m not there so I can capture something real and something that you will love forever. I’m happy to direct and position you into poses that don’t look “posed.” Everyone needs a little help so never feel embarrassed. Photography is a process and the goal here is to tell the story of your day that you will love for years to come.

I like to photograph with a second shooter as much as possible but I have options for just myself as well. You will get all that info in my packages. I have a professional attitude towards this industry and hold a high level of standard in regards to what it means to take a great picture. Every wedding, every portrait, is an opportunity to capture something truly unique. I like to get to know my clients and customize the session to who they are. I also love when clients come to the session with ideas and together we collaborate to create a really awesome picture! I like to have fun! The more you put into your day, the more I can get out of it!

On a personal note…

I am in love with photography equipment. My intention is to deliver fabulous work. I expect the same from the equipment I use, which is why I have invested in some of the best equipment available to a photographer.

I understand that not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera and it is my job to help with that. Every woman is beautiful, and every man is capable of a 007 moment!  A couple that would be drawn to my style is someone that wants to have fun with their partner and bridal party but still wants direction in how to position their body to create a natural stlye to their photos with that effortless look. Romance is a big part of my style as well and I will be sure to bring some sultry photos if you like. I love photographing women and this love is doubled on their wedding day. It’s an opportunity for me to photograph someone in a unique and once in a lifetime setting and wow them with the results.

I hope you’ve gotten to know me a bit through this and if you have any questions just give me a call, (905) 376-0992. I’m happy to chat about anything.

Lots of love,


P.S. Aside from photography I have a lot of other interests and hidden talents. For starters, if you’re hair gets all messed up on your wedding day, no worries! I’ve been a hair stylist for the past 6 years and still know how to put an awesome up-do together. I am in love with bedding! White sheets, 100% cotton, feather duvets and accent pillows…name the day and we will go shopping! I love Mexican and Thai food, a little spice to your life never hurt anyone…unless you have a peanut allergy, which my husband does…so sad. I love music and wish I had gone to school for dancing. When a song comes on that moves me I literally see images of pictures in my head that I need to create!

My family is my heart and soul. I never knew what it meant to love so deeply until I had children. They are my sunshine, my laughter, my reminder that the world needs to be a better place for them. There is no limit to the love I have for them, it overwhelms me and makes my chest tight when I think of them.
My hubby is by far my best friend and lover. I can’t picture my life without him. He puts up with my craziness, my ups and downs and believes in me which helps me to believe in myself. He is my steadfast compass and would never lead me wrong.

I have always been spiritual and know that there is more to this world than what we see but first and foremost, I believe everyone should be treated with love. Love that does not judge, that does not segregate. We were created to help one another.

Family Photos by: Rachael Joy Photography