On the official day we tend to be super romantic and celebrate love, this couple said their vows in front of family and friends. This wedding is particularly special because of who was a part of this day. My family and the bride’s family have known each other since we were babies so it is so cool to photograph your friends wedding when you literally use to hang out in diapers together. So thank you, to Nancy, your Mom and Dad and extended family for inviting me to capture this next phase in your life.

Adam and Nancy, I wish you a lifetime of love, happy memories and excitement for the years to come. Cheers to a fabulous wedding for a pretty awesome couple! Oh, and Nancy and Maru, you were hoping for an orb right? There is one…check it out in the bridal party pics.




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I’ve photographed this lovely before and this was a special day for sure! Graduation day, so I brought in a little extra light and we did a mini photo session just to give a little extra something special. The family photo of everyone in front of the house was a reenactment of a photo they had when they first moved there, pup and all. When you print and frame those can look really nice on the wall and from a parent perspective, would mean a lot, especially when you’re getting ready to send one of your children off to school soon. Such a great family!


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You should have someone take your picture…you need to see how beautiful you are. I’ve known Maggie for a few years now and have always thought, “my goodness, not only is she beautiful but there’s a fire that burns inside of her.” I can’t wait to see her embrace that. Often we take photos only when there is something that has happened in our life. Maternity, Newborn, Wedding, Business, Boudoir. All these classifications. I say hire a photographer to take a photo of you…you are enough. In fact, I would love to do more of these! Celebrating who you are, having fun and trying something different that is completely focused on you. It’s okay to put yourself first, this is a great place to start.

So pretty…



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You just have to watch how these photos unfold…my friend Gillian is amazing and I don’t know how she does it but it’s really beautiful to watch her with these two. A series of photos, trying to get Ben and Evan to stay on the couch…when they were newborns we did these, (I love this room) and it’s so funny to watch where they are now. Take notice of their faces, they watch their Mom so closely…what a handful!

Enjoy, this one makes me smile and laugh out loud.



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Lifestyle newborn photos are my favourite…one reason, I love the moments captured as a couple turns into a family the moment this little one comes into the world. These are always done in home, and it is a very relaxed approach. Mom and Dad are more than likely a little tired, but when we plan to photograph within 6-8 days of baby being born, they usually work out the best. What’s amazing is that even if baby is fussy, you still get some incredibly genuine photos. I get to document some of the most important moments in people’s lives…how amazing is that?

Enjoy this cutie, he makes some funny faces for sure and liked giving his Dad a hard time though you can’t see it from here. It always amazes me how enamored baby is with the Momma…I love seeing that connection.



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