You must be reeling with questions, ideas, and trying to make decisions that are good for you, but for everyone else too. I find FAQ’s are so handy and helpful and I like to make the process easy and stress free for my clients so let’s begin.

Starting with the questions:

  1. When you’re shooting a wedding, do I get to see all of the pictures?
    Answer: You get to see all of the edited images once I have gone through them all and picked the ones that are best and reflect your session beautifully.
  2. When can I expect to receive  my images?
    Answer: I always like to give a little preview a few days following the wedding but generally speaking, I like to give clients their images back within 6-8 weeks. If it has been an exceptionally busy month though I will let clients know that their pictures are on their way but it might take an extra week. On my “About” me page you will notice some adorable little faces there and those two keep me busy and are my priority. Don’t worry though! I’ve heard the stories of waiting 6 months for your photos and that will never happen.
  3. Is there a contract?
    Answer: Yes, these help protect you and me and whenever you are dealing with transactions these are always good to have.
  4. Can I edit my own images?
    Answer: Unless you are a professional in the industry and can make a very good claim as to why you would need to do this I would not allow someone to edit their own images. This is part of the storytelling process for me and part of the art of the photograph.
  5. Do you need a deposit?
    Answer: Yes please, it saves your date, ensures I will not take any other weddings that day and should you decide to cancel for any reason it is non-refundable.
  6. Can I pick my own second shooter?
    Answer: I have a few people I trust to shoot with that I can rely on and that produce quality work and it is from those people I work with.
  7. Do you travel?
    Answer: I most definitely travel! Travel fees incur depending on the distance. I also do destination weddings.