Wedding Photography


There is a lot that goes into this day and there will be a lot that goes into these pictures. If I can encourage every couple to really think about the time of day when you will be getting your pictures done. If you’re looking through pinterest or wedding blogs and love the pictures with that warm, sunset glow to them, then look at your month and see what time of day the sun is setting, and that is when we do the pictures. I know scheduling can be hard but try to allow for two hours for your pictures with just the two of you and your bridal party. These are the pictures that you will be looking back on and saying, ‘I’m so glad we didn’t rush through these!’ If there is anything I have learned through the years is that whether you are doing a first look or a more traditional approach, you need time. Time to relax, time to stop thinking about everything that is going on and time to enjoy the moment together.

Packages starting at $2000 Contact me for more details.


Creative Portraits


All you need to know about my portraits is that I capture the beauty of every person. Want to know my favorite portrait to photograph? It is the portrait of a woman…clothed, nude, with child or not. Women are beautiful to me.

Packages start at $350