Watermelon Party

As with many amazing things, it all begins with a tiny seed and if allowed to grow beautiful things unfold. That is why the story of the Watermelon Party, written by my good friend Jasmine June Cabanaw and illustrated by the talented, John Moriarty is a very special book with an amazing cause. Watermelon Party tells the story of an event that took place at the Rocky Ridge Refuge, an animal sanctuary located in Arkansas which is a home to a variety of animals who need proper care and shelter. This story shows how even amidst differences, we can all share a space in this world in a peaceful way. One watermelon attracts the attention of a capybara, a tortoise, a wallaby, a goose, a mini-horse and the list goes on as they all partake in the juicy watermelon. So cute and appropriate for all ages, this book will not only melt your hearts the lesson will inspire you to pass this sweet little tale along. Proceeds purchased from this book go towards Rocky Ridge and all the exotic animals there. You can order from this site here: Green Bamboo Publishing


My kids certainly enjoy this story and it opened the doors for us to discuss about how we need to take care of the smallest of creatures to the largest of creatures. So great!


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